Radiology Renovation: Lexington VA Medical Center

FFE Inc. was selected as Prime Contractor to design the renovation of the radiology department at the Lexington VA Medical Center.

The project scope included providing all necessary architectural and MEP design services to renovate approximately 7,000 GSF of existing occupied space at the Cooper Drive facility. The project was designed to correct traffic and workflow issues and update finishes, while designing the department layout for improved patient privacy.  

The renovated space provides for waiting spaces convenient for each testing area within the radiology department. It also creates much needed private waiting spaces for patients.

JRA -2

Designing and Modifying Structural Systems

Design included the preparation of complete drawings and construction cost estimates per VA standards and guidelines.

The work included the design of electrical, HVAC, plumbing, nurse call, telecommunications and data systems. HVAC modifications included conversion from a hot and cold deck system to single duct system with reheat.

FFE was also tasked with designing the abatement plan for asbestos materials in the existing space.

Design included preparation of detailed phasing plan/sequence of operation for minimum disruption of hospital operations.   


Intensive Care Unit Renovation: Mountain Home VA Medical Center

FFE was selected to totally renovate and expand the Mountain Home VA Medical Center ICU department, which was built in 1990.

The new 13-bed intensive care unit offers state-of-the-art equipment, optimizing the highest quality of care for our veterans. Additionally, the renovation improved workflow and environment of care, while also preparing the unit for tele-ICU innovations and increased bed capacity.

Tele-ICU allows for immediate and real time intervention by a board-certified critical care specialist. Tele-ICU offers the capability of 24/7 monitoring and visualization of patients, which is beneficial in a smaller ICU that requires supplemental staff.

Additional Project Details

The results transformed 18,000 square feet of the hospital into a modern ICU setting. 

HVAC modifications were designed to accommodate the new ICU design, which incorporates isolation rooms.

The budget for the project was $4.346 million.

Legionella Prevention: San Juan VA Medical Center

FFE, Inc was selected to design a system for legionella prevention and scald control for the San Juan VA Medical Center. The scope of the project was to design the engineering controls aimed to prevent the growth of Legionella on potable water lines and HVAC cooling towers on VHA facilities in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Among the facilities included in the project are acute care facilities, community living centers (CLCs), bedrooms and residential rehabilitation treatment facilities. Our thorough assessment covered the existing potable water system, including the main supply lines of the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA), storage tanks, underground cisterns and all domestic cold and hot water piping distribution systems.

We also performed a hazard analysis to identify areas (i.e storage tanks, dead legs, low usage piping) that may present risk of Legionella growth due to non-existent or low-water flow. Once all risk areas were properly identified, we developed a plan to establish engineering controls that would monitor and mitigate or eliminate the possibility of Legionella growth.

Architectural and Engineering Projects San Juan VA

Design and Additional Project Details

The construction budget for the project was $3.1 million. Our design project included the following:

  • A complete monitoring and mitigation system
  • Assessment of the existing domestic potable water piping conditions and recommendations for replacement of damaged portions when necessary
  • Creation of single line diagrams of potable water site distribution, of hot and cold domestic water and HVAC cooling towers, including control points and process flowcharts. Processing types were categorized
  • Replacement of the existing chlorine injection system with a new chlorine dioxide injection system for each building in the project scope
  • Design for elimination of dead legs and provision for water recirculation at low usage areas
  • Inventory of lavatory faucets, mop sinks and shower faucets
  • Identification of monitoring control points in the potable water system, taking measurements every 30 minutes, and noting the control system response
  • Integration of the new control system into the existing BAS
  • Provisions for remediation on positive results for Legionella in the potable water system in the project area
Architectural and Engineering Projects St Petersburg

VBA Building 47 Renovation: St. Petersburg, Florida

VBA engaged FFE to perform an assessment to determine the feasibility of utilizing the third floor of Building 47 at the Regional Office in St Petersburg, Florida for much needed staff office space. FFE performed a thorough investigation and feasibility study to verify existing conditions and ensure the structure would accommodate the proposed renovation.

Our team performed a space utilization study to determine the most effective use of the third floor.  Work stations, private offices, conferences rooms, break rooms, rest rooms and flex space were planned.

The VBA set energy efficiency as a top priority for the renovation. The project goal was to comply with the minimum requirements for energy efficient design outlined by ASHRAE 90.1-2010. We specified Energy Star rated and Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP)-recommended equipment when applicable. The completed project features LED lighting throughout.

A New Model for a New Space

As part of the renovation, we created an energy model with new occupancy requirements for the project space. The plan called for new air handling units (AHUs) and an update of the existing building automation system. We recommended replacing the floor’s JCI Metasys system with a new field equipment control (FEC) type system. During the renovation, we specified an exhaust fan for a new break room.

As with all of our VA projects, safety and security are priorities. For this office renovation, we added access control and security cameras for the third floor. We designed extensive lightning protection for the rooftop and for roof-mounted equipment. The project includes two new panel boards in the electrical space, along with a new 45kVA transformer.